Wooden Offerings is a collaborative project of Dharma items,  lovingly constructed under the guidance of Anyen Rinpoche.  All items are produced in a practice environment with the profound wish that they bolster the practitioner’s spiritual path! Let’s design your perfect item together!


Wooden Offerings is a special project of Tom Kowalski, under the guidance of Anyen Rinpoche. Tom has been a carpenter for 30 years and recently began making specialty dharma items with the encouragement and guidance of Rinpoche.  Tom generously supports his local sangha with his carpentry skills, and a portion of all of his sales through Wooden Offerings go to support Anyen Rinpoche’s activity. 

Anyen Rinpoche is a classically trained Tulku from Amdo, Tibet.  He is a lineage holder in the Longchen Nyingthig line of meditation masters.  Rinpoche is the spiritual leader of Orgyen Khamdroling Meditation Center in Denver Colorado.  Please feel free to peruse his activity at www.orgyenkhamdroling.org.


Prayer Wheels

Each prayer wheel is turned by hand on the wood lathe.  The elements that define these wheels are handed down in Rinpoche’s lineage and are essential to rendering the wheel as a true Dharma practice item.  The mantras rolled inside are handwritten by Rinpoche.

Practice Tables

These puja tables are built according to Rinpoche’s design.  They are the same design as the tables at Orgyen Khamdroling Center.  The original tables are made of poplar and stained a dard reddish brown.  Any wood and color can be arranged.  Some woods and larger sizes may require a higher price.  Please design your perfect table along with me.

Shrine Boxes

Shrine boxes range from simple solid wood cabinets to ornate and colorful shrines in Rinpoche’s tradition.  These are best if custom ordered.  They feature possible shelves, drawers, and cabinet doors.

Lets build something for your practice!

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